Hello. My name is Colin Duwe and I’m a nerd. I grew up next door to David Packard’s property in Silicon Valley. I tried, briefly, to avoid my destiny as a computer nerd by heading back East to attend Wesleyan University and majored in English. But I came back to San Francisco after graduation and landed smack in the middle of the .com bubble.

I worked for several years at CNET. I was one of the original editors of the “Gadgets” section of the site which eventually evolved into the consumer electronics section.

From there I made a big switch into system automation and integration and started programming Crestron control systems. Teaming up with the founder of Jetson Systems we built a great software consulting company that provided outstanding software to clients around the world. We designed several outstanding user interfaces for touchpanel control systems and built a flexible, reliable code base that could be deployed in both residential and commercial systems. We expanded our business from just the two of us to a company of 10 including 7 programmers.

So now I’ve made another big transition, this time focused on Web technology. After years of working inside a closed industry using arcane proprietary tools I’m very excited to be out in the open and up to date. Languages like PHP and JavaScript running on high-performance servers is a breath of fresh air after years of coding for devices with less storage, memory and processing power than an iPod.

I encourage you to have a peek at the work I’ve done recently to see that I am now Drupal and WordPress ninja. Feed free to drop me a line via the contact page if you’d like to discuss a possible project.