Microsite Meeting

Client Projects


  • Large variety of CSS and SVG animations
  • Press releases
  • Press coverage
  • Blog
  • Ebooks, Webinars, etc. via HubSpot
  • News and Resources to drive lead capture on homepage
  • Google Tag Manager integrated with CookieBot and geolocation to allow maximum lead analytics while remaining GDPR compliant.
  • Originally started with leadership bios, now just headshots but various sliders to showcase a few staff member to drive tester sign-ups.

Independent Schools of the San Francisco Bay Area

  • Interactive filtering of member schools
  • Integration with Google Maps API


  • Animated SVGs
  • Staff bios as a slider inside a modal

Qualia Knowledgebase

  • Private KB for customers
  • Custom authentication
  • Tracks view of each article.
  • Customers can vote for quality of each article
  • Integration with SalesForce web-to-case
  • Suggest relevant articles as client fills out the support form to reduce support requests
  • Qualia also uses Guru internally. I built a custom Guru integration so all KB articles are also accessible to Qualia employees via Guru.

Greenfield Law

  • Law Firm
  • originally built more than 10 years ago.
  • Attorney bio pages
  1. Document automation vs. linking forms (???)