Nearly every piece of Testio’s new website has a stylish, animated transition. But the marketing team doesn’t need to remember any special CSS classes or shortcodes to make it move. Custom edit forms on the WordPress back end allow them to easily build rows of content with images that slide and pop with just the standard visual editor and media upload buttons.


When Visually was acquired by ScribbleLive I had the opportunity to rebuild ScribbleLive’s WordPress-powered marketing site with the very talented designer Eddie Shrake.



When your business is providing marketing content to customers you should showcase all the great things you’ve produced. I helped rebuild the Visual.ly marketing website with a section powered by WordPress to do just that.

It shows visitors the wide array of content they create for their customers. Their sales team can set the filters to showcase a particular niche and then send that URL to prospects.

With a WordPress-powered back end the marketing team can easily add new projects to keep the site looking fresh without requesting assistance from the company’s engineering team.

Article 3

Article 3This is a merging and redesign of two blogs from rocketlawyer.com. Jenny Summers did the new design. There was a huge emphasis on social networking so we’ve got lots of ways to “like” and “tweet” and follow and share everywhere on the site all tied in to analytics to track how it’s performing.

For the home page I developed a plugin to display the most-shared posts filtered by category. I also built a featured author widget that’s displayed in the sidebar.

ZipLine Medical

ZipLine MedicalZipLine Medical is a new start-up that needed an easy-to-maintain Web site. Working with graphic designer Brian Careway we built their new site on WordPress.

The real story with this project is what’s coming as the company grows. They have big ambitions and as they mature they’ll have much more to showcase on their site. With that in mind, I made sure that they had a powerful framework in place from launch that includes multiple page templates to allow them to expand the site in the future.


SentreHeart LogoSentreHeart came to me just a few weeks before they needed their new site launched. They had to make a polished impression at a critical investor conference. I was able to rapidly deploy a Drupal website with minor customizations to an existing theme. With the basic framework in place in a day, everyone on the team could begin work on the copy, photography and other important aspects of the content. The site relies on version-controlled copy to help SentreHeart manage it compliance with medical device marketing regulations.

McKesson Corporate Citizenship Report

When it came time for McKesson to release its 2011 Corporate Citizenship Report they needed something they could manage themselves. Working with Richardson Clark we built the site on WordPress. 

Members of the team can now add new stories and images with ease.

It wouldn’t make sense for a report about a company’s environmental stewardship to print unwanted pages so we allow users to create their own custom version of the report containing just the sections they’re interested in.

 The site takes advantage of Custom Post Types, Custom Fields and Custom Taxonomies in WordPress. So in addition to pages of copy, the sidebars are filled with related stores (a content type we named a “side story”) As you create a story you choose from a couple drop-down lists and your new item shows up in the correct pages’ sidebar. Editors also select whether their content appears as one of the printable sections in the custom report.

Green Twig Salon

This WordPress-based site was designed by Jenny Summers. It takes advantage of Google’s free font service. We’ve also changed up the gallery section to allow admins to put videos and photos in a single gallery.

UCSF Operation Excelence

UCSF Operational Excellence
UCSF Operational Excellence

Working with design firm Richardson Clark I built this Drupal-based site for the University of California San Francisco.

People of Color in Independent Schools

POCISFor the local non-profit People of Color in Independent Schools I worked with design firm PH7 to implement a Drupal-based membership site. Members have accesss to lots of additional areas of the site, including a place to post news items such as job openings and events. We developed a custom workflow so that members submissions are sent to an editor for approval. Once approved, they are published on the site as well as added to the list for the group’s weekly email newsletter which is sent to all members.

A smilar custom workflow is used for new visitors to the site who want to sign their school up to become a member school. Once the school becomes a member, the school’s main contact becomes an “inviter” and can then invite people related to the school to join as members