McKesson Corporate Citizenship Report

When it came time for McKesson to release its 2011 Corporate Citizenship Report they needed something they could manage themselves. Working with Richardson Clark we built the site on WordPress. 

Members of the team can now add new stories and images with ease.

It wouldn’t make sense for a report about a company’s environmental stewardship to print unwanted pages so we allow users to create their own custom version of the report containing just the sections they’re interested in.

 The site takes advantage of Custom Post Types, Custom Fields and Custom Taxonomies in WordPress. So in addition to pages of copy, the sidebars are filled with related stores (a content type we named a “side story”) As you create a story you choose from a couple drop-down lists and your new item shows up in the correct pages’ sidebar. Editors also select whether their content appears as one of the printable sections in the custom report.


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