FoundationPress Generator

I’ve been using Foundation for a long time as my go-to front-end framework. I’ve been very grateful for the Foundation Press starter theme. While some starter themes are stripped too bare and others come loaded with too much, Ole Fredrik’s theme strikes the Goldilocks zone. I’m also a big fan of how quickly the folks over at Zurb keep pushing Foundation. Bootstrap is great but moves a lot more slowly because of its immense popularity.

But when I build a custom theme for a client I want every detail to be just right. That includes the names of functions, the textdomain, and lots of other little details. Unfortunately, it’s a little tricky to replace all the references to “foundationpress” with the new theme name. However, the fine folks over a Automattic solved this problem for their Underscores theme and were kind enough to open source the plugin they wrote.

So I’ve adapted that plugin here so you can make your own customized FoundationPress theme. Just head over to the Generator page and fill out the form and you’ll get the latest version of FoundationPress custom-named to start your next project.

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